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Bailey Penzotti, Western Director

Bailey Penzotti has been running off and on over the years since junior high school in the 1970s. The popularity of running was blossoming during this time and she quickly became influenced by the likes of Katherine Switzer, Frank Shorter and Dr. Joan Ullyot. After moving to California in 1981, Bailey ran with friends and raced for fun in local 5ks, 10ks and 12ks. Though she enjoyed playing volleyball, sailing and Jazzercise, running was always the staple for her exercise and sanity needs. At the end of 2006 during a bout of self-professed mid-life crisis and injury, Bailey woke up one day and thought, “I’ve never run a marathon.” Thanks to this epiphany, Bailey joined the San Francisco Road Runners Club and quickly became an active member of the running community. Since 2008, Bailey has served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the SFRRC Board of Directors and as a beloved running coach. Bailey also worked with George Rehmet, RRCA State Representative, members of Bay Area RRCA running clubs and the SFRRC to organize the highly successful 2009 RRCA Convention in San Francisco, CA. In 2009, Bailey took the RRCA Coaching Certification course to become an RRCA Certified Running Coach to better assist other runner’s with their needs. Bailey loves the sport and believes it is never too late to get off the couch.!

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