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2017 Spring Shoe Review


Welcome to our first Shoe Review for 2017!

Even after all these years, the smell of running shoes straight from the box is still exciting for me. My first pair of real running shoes was Onitsuka Tiger Cortez. I purchased them—well, my mom, Marilu purchased them—for $36. She waited a few days to tell my dear father, as we had never spent more than $5 on a pair of running shoes in my first few years of running.

My white Kmart tennis shoes would be nearly pink from the blood blisters I would develop getting them “broken in.” Hard to believe, but in that era blisters were a rite of passage.

In today’s performance running world, our RN footwear guru, Cregg Weinmann, assures me that shoes are much better now than then. And I concur.

The key is to find the right pair of shoes for you. Don’t be swayed by social media hype or some blogger who’s paid to write about the shoes. At the Running Network, we review product from more than 40 brands, and about a dozen support our efforts through advertising in our various media platforms. If you see a shoe recommended here, rest assured that Cregg and his tireless wear testers have tried the shoe and taken it through at least 100 miles. All shoes submitted for our testing get the same treatment, whether or not the companies advertise with us. It’s a point of pride that we keep those two undertakings separate from one another.

We’re in the process of putting all our content online: on social media and on mobile media as well. We appreciate your patience and support as we work our way through this process. And as always, a special thanks to our fearless team of Kristen Cerer (designer), Marg Sumner (proofreader), Cregg Weinmann (reviewer), and Christine Johnson (project coordinator and editor)—the team that has worked together on our Reviews for more than 15 years.

Remember to purchase your running gear from a real live running store. Thanks for your support!
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Download the 2017 Spring Shoe Review >>

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Download the 2017 Spring Shoe Review >>

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