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For RRCA Certified Coaches

The goal of the RRCA Coaching Certification program is to create a national community of knowledgeable and ethical distance running coaches to work with runners at all levels of ability.

The goal of the RRCA Coaching Certification program is to create a national community of knowledgeable and ethical coaches.  RRCA Certified coaches volunteer with their local RRCA member running clubs, coach clients one-on-one, and coach training programs for groups of individuals working towards a common goal such, as completing a 5k, half marathon, or marathon. Learn more about becoming an RRCA Certified Coach

RRCA Certified Coach Next Steps

After successful completion of the RRCA Certified Coaching Course, new coaches will be added to the online roster of RRCA Certified Coaches and granted access rights to the coach’s private page.  The private page contains information specific to coaches as well as how to purchase low cost professional liability insurance to cover coaching activities.  Your name will appear on the roster as long as your CPR and First Aid are current.  Your RRCA Certified Coaching status, and listing on the RRCA website, is dependent on maintaining current First Aid and CPR credentials.

We will send quarterly reminders when your CPR and/or First Aid credentials are about to expire, but ultimately it is the coach’s responsibility to ensure credentials are up-to-date.  Once these credentials expire coaches will be taken off the listing on the website. You MUST renew your CPR as a hands on course.  We will not accept online CPR Certification renewals as we expect coaches to practice chest compressions as part of the CPR renewal process.  However, you may renew your First Aid certification online.  To reinstate your name if your CPR and/or First Aid expires, all you need to do is update your personal information by following the directions below.

Instructions for Updating Your Information

  • Click on My Profile (located in the header of every page of the RRCA website)
  • Click on “Edit My Profile”
  • Enter your user ID and password, or click on “Obtain Password” link in the text on the login screen
  • Follow the instructions to obtain your login information

Once you are logged in

  • Update “Basic Information” as need. (If you need to make a name change you must email to change a name)
  • If you do not want your email address listed on the RRCA website, move your email from the Primary Email Address box to the Alternate Email box.
  • If you want your phone number listed on the RRCA website instead of your email address, list your phone number in the Primary Email box.
  • The website will only list one or the other but not both.  The default listing is the primary email address, unless changed by the individual.

Update “Demographics”

  • You can list a website for your coaching services through this option.  It will be included on the public listing on the RRCA website.
  • This is where you will update your CPR & First Aid certification expiration dates.
  • Please note that your name will be removed from the public coaches’ list on the RRCA website the date your FA or CPR expires.
  • If your CPR and/or First Aid credentials expire and you are no longer on the public list, you are still on the internal list, and you can update your profile and be re-listed automatically by updating your First Aid and/or CPR dates through “My Profile” page.

If you have trouble updating your information or accessing the Coaches’ Private Page, please email for assistance.


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