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Running Club Membership

Find information about starting and managing an RRCA running club in your community.  This membership category is for running club members​, and not for individuals looking to join a local running club. To join a local running club, go to:  Find a Club

You will find the button to access the membership system after you review the following information.All potential and returning members must review the information below and attest to understanding it.

Running Club Member Defined

  • A nonprofit running club must be recognized as a nonprofit through the RRCA nonprofit group exemption with the IRS, or granted exemption directly by the IRS.
  • A nonprofit running club must have an independent board of directors with a minimum of 3 non-related board members that are elected at least every two years.
  • Organized running groups that are not organized as a formal nonprofit organization are welcome to join the RRCA so long as they have a designated group leader or leadership committee.  We consider these groups for-profit clubs (Keep in mind individuals may be exposed to personal liability if the running group is not organized as an incorporated entity or LLC).
  • Running clubs generally conduct group training runs, organized training programs, youth programs, track workouts, social gatherings, and may organize running events owned by the club.
  • Both nonprofit and for-profit clubs must have at least ten individual members (dues and insurance are assessed at the minimum rate of 35 household members) and provide a roster of members, including board members or leaders, to verify insurance coverage and to receive RRCA publications and communications​.
  • Nonprofit running clubs can include government-run recreation centers, other nonprofit organizations, such as the “Y” and Boys & Girls Club, and also includes youth only running clubs or Cross Country programs supported by a school, parent booster club, or local parent/teacher association.

Membership Requirements

  • Membership in the RRCA is required to access the insurance program for running clubs.
  • All clubs are required to obtain waivers of liability from their members and participants during the join/renew process as part of the RRCA insurance program.  All guests to club training runs MUST sign a waiver as well.  See our Guidelines for Leading a Group Run for details.  Waivers must be signed or consented to by all participants running in a club-owned race or event.  Find sample waivers.
  • RRCA club members are required to submit a roster of household members to the RRCA to verify appropriate insurance coverage, provide your members with Club Running magazine, and Keeping Pace emails. Download the RRCA Roster template, include your roster data in the template, save the file as instructed, and upload your club’s roster through our website.
  • Member running clubs must list the events they own on the RRCA Calendar. The RRCA Calendar serves as a marketing resource for your club and also serves as our internal list of official club-owned events you are insuring through the RRCA's insurance group.  Reporting non-owned events is fraud.  Failure to list club-owned events on the calendar may result in denial of coverage.
  • Attest to having read the Guidelines for Safe Group RunsGuidelines for Safe Events, and the Race Director Code of Ethics
  • Adopt recommended and required policies for your running club as outlined in our Resources for Club Directors section.
  • Post the RRCA member logo on your ​club's website to show that your ​club is a member of the largest distance running organization in the US.  This also lets your participants know that you have agreed to follow our guidelines for best practices. Download the RRCA member badge.
  • There are NO REFUNDS if a member cancels or dissolves an organization or event during the year.  There are NO INSURANCE REFUNDS if any race activities including pre-race planning, pre-race marketing, and registration collection have occurred in the year, even if a race gets canceled or a club dissolves.

Dues and Insurance Information

The dues structure is similar for nonprofit and for-profit running clubs with the only difference being that nonprofit clubs are required to carry Directors & Officers Insurance through the RRCA, or send proof of coverage through another insurance provider. The RRCA requires member running clubs to carry general liability insurance coverage or provide proof of coverage.  If you are an RRCA Certified Coach, we can provide professional liability insurance, as well. 

RRCA member running clubs may own and produce their own events​ during the year.  These activities are covered as part of the membership and insurance fees, and there is no additional cost per event.  However, running clubs providing assistance to other organizations (volunteer recruitment, finish line management, timing services, etc.) for the production of non-club managed or owned events MUST NOT list the event as a club owned event. This transfer of insurance coverage to a third party is strictly prohibited and considered FRAUD.  ​Third party organizations should show proof of insurance to the club or join the RRCA as an event member. Clubs that engage in event management services should closely review the information on the Certified Race Director Insurance Program page.

Annual membership in the RRCA, including insurance coverage, begins on December 31st at 12:00 AM and ends at 11:59 PM on December 30th of the following year. Clubs and events must renew their membership prior to December 31st and there is NO prorating of dues or insurance for late payments or for new members joining throughout the year. 

Membership Dues Rates

  • Nonprofit running clubs with 35 or fewer household members pay a flat fee of $76 for dues and for-profit clubs/training groups pay a flat fee of $100 for dues.
  • All running clubs with 36 or more household members pay $2.27 per the number of household members.  Clubs in operation for a full year, and renewing membership, shall report household numbers based on final membership numbers for the immediate past year.  For example, the households as of 12/31/2016 will be reported for generating the 2017 membership.
  • Household members are the unique mailing address for ALL members or participants in your club/training program.  For example a family living in the same household may be counted by the club as 3-4 individual members, but would be counted for RRCA membership as one household member.
  • The RRCA does not assess additional dues mid-year for club's that grow.  Club's will report the higher number of household members during the next year’s renewal process.  RRCA will check rosters to verify accurate reporting by members.  RRCA may check information on club websites to also verify club size and proper dues assessment.  RRCA will invoice members that have significantly different membership numbers compared to rosters or information posted on club websites if clubs significantly under report.

Running Club Insurance Rates

  • $2.33 per the number of household members for the $1 million general liability insurance policy ($1 million insurance is assessed at a minimum rate of 35 households
  • $2.73 per the number of household members for the $2 million general liability insurance policy ($250 mandatory minimum for clubs with 95 or fewer households)
  • All nonprofit running clubs are required to purchase Directors & Officers Insurance at a flat rate of $200
  • Optional Volunteer Medical Personnel Coverage is $250 for $1million in coverage and $300 for $2million in coverage.
  • Optional Operations Package for $750.  See coverage details.
  • Request additional insured certificates (dues paying members only)
  • Optional Music License Service - Learn more and see tiered fees.

Instructions for Submitting RRCA Membership and Insurance Applications (doc)

RRCA members are encouraged to pay by check! Your check allows the RRCA to invest our resources into programs, not credit card processing fees.  Members with dues and insurance fees over $5,000 MUST PAY BY CHECK and select to mail a check in the online payment system.  We will not break payments into multiple batches for credit card payments above the $5,000 threshold. For data security reasons, we will not process a credit card payment over the phone, by mail, email, or fax​ for any reason.   To pay by credit card, you must select that payment option.  Upon request, we can generate an email to your primary contact to resend your membership invoice, which will grant you access to the online payment portal where payment can be made via a secure credit card transaction.

Email: with any questions.

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