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Host an RRCA Coaching Certification Course

The demand to host the RRCA Coaching Certification Course continues to be strong.  The RRCA works with official representatives from member running clubs, events, shoe stores, and corporate clients to host the Coaching Certification Level I Courses.  Our goal is to host course bi-monthly throughout the U.S.

All courses are financially self-supporting, and the RRCA handles all registration aspects including refunds for attendee cancellations. The RRCA uses the registration fees to cover all course expenses, including instructor fees, instructor travel expenses, course materials, test​ing, and more.  We also provide a participant stipend, paid to the host organization, to assist with food and beverage costs.  Each course host will receive one complementary entry for their course to use at their discretion.  The RRCA has a waiting list procedure for sold-out course to ensure full-participation at each course.

In order to host the RRCA Course, the organizing individual must be able to secure adequate classroom space to comfortably seat 35 people for two full days on an agreed upon date.  The room must also have working power outlets, adequate heating or A/C, accessible restrooms, and space for food service.  Suggested locations include: YMCAs, community centers, libraries, universities, and schools. Hotels should be used as a last resort, because they tend to be very expensive and exceed the operating budget.  If a course is held at a hotel, the meeting rooms should be free and the course organizers should be allowed to bring in outside food for snacks and beverages.

All certifications are open to the public and advertised on the RRCA website, through our email list, and our social marketing efforts.  To ensure that classes are filled, and can support the needed logistics, it is important that the host has approximately 15 people committed to attending the certification in advance of scheduling the Course with the RRCA.  The RRCA will work with the local host to ensure priority registration for their committed attendees.  The remaining slots will be promoted to the general public and fill quickly.  The best locations for the course are within a metropolitan area, not more than 20–30 miles from a major airport.

Courses are not necessarily scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.  The RRCA works with prospective hosts and instructors with an eye on the ability to attract maximum attendees to a location, geographic diversity of the course during a given time period, and other important considerations.  Courses are planned 3 to 6 months in advance of the desired course date to allow for adequate planning and promotion.

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