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Coaching Certification FAQs

Q. I don’t see courses listed for the remainder of the year, will there be more courses?

A.  The RRCA lists courses throughout the year as they are scheduled in locations throughout the country.  Make sure you are on the email list for course announcements as we send an email as soon as new courses are posted.  If you are really interested in taking the course and the date and location are convenient for you, don’t wait to sign-up.  Courses can sell-out in one day in certain locations.  The RRCA typically does not host courses in November and December due to the holidays in those months and reduced demand for the course.  We also need to give the instructors time for a break after traveling around the country teaching during the bulk of the year.

Q.  I don’t see a course listed that is close to my location.  Will you be hosting a course in my area soon?

A. The RRCA plans courses in locations in which running clubs and running stores have applied to host the course and locally plan the logistics of the course.  If you don’t see a convenient course for you, consider working with your local running club or running shoe store, local YMCA, etc. to host an RRCA Coaching Certification Course

Q. Why is it so hard to get into the coaching courses?

A. RRCA Coaching Certification courses are hosted by RRCA member running clubs.  The member club hosting the course has the opportunity to sell course seats to the coaches that volunteer for their running programs.  When the RRCA opens the course up for national sales, less than half of the seats remain for attendees not associated with their local running club.  Often times the course is either entirely sold out to the club’s coaches or only a couple of seats remain. We encourage people interested in taking the course to get involved with their local running clubs.

Q.  The course I want to attend is full. Is there a wait list?

A.  Yes. You can access the wait list for a specific course from the email you received announcing a course.  You will be deleted from the wait list if you do not reference a specific course to attend.  Only 2-3 seats become available and we follow a first come first served process for reaching out to people on the waiting list.  Please do not call the office to ask to be put on the wait list.  You need to do this through the link provided in the email you received.  Please DO NOT show up for a sold-out course and ask if you can just sit in or bring a check for payment and expect to be admitted to the class on the spot.  Individuals who do this may be barred from taking future courses as we consider this unethical behavior for a coach.

Q.  I signed up for a course, but now I can’t attend.  Can I get a refund?

A.  Cancellations must be done by emailing a request to Cancellations are subject to a $50.00 fee (issued in the amount of $275.00) until 14 days before the class starts.  After that time, no refunds will be granted.  Refunds will be by check sent from the RRCA office, which may take up to 3 weeks to process.

Q.  I signed up for a course, but I just saw that a more convenient course location/date was just scheduled.  Can I transfer my registration?

A.  No class transfers are allowed.  You must register for the new location, and then request a cancellation and refund. Please note that all cancellations are subject to a $50.00 fee (issued in the amount of $275.00) until 14 days before the class starts. After that time, no refunds will be granted.  Refunds will be by check sent from the RRCA office, which may take up to 3 weeks to process. If the course you would like to register for is full, you may email to request to be added to the waitlist for that location.

Q. Do I need to study before I attend the course?

A.  You may be asked to view pre-course videos, but the coursebook will be provided when you arrive to the course. The instructor will thoroughly cover all material. The exam is open-book and is taken after the course, up to one month after the course date.

Q. Do I need to bring anything with me to the course?

A. Breakfast and lunch will be provided by the course host. If you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies, please bring your own meals. Please bring a water bottle and a pen for taking notes. There is no running during the course so you are not required to wear running clothes.

Q. I’ve just updated my FA & CPR, do I need to send you a copy?

A.  A copy of your First Aid and CPR certifications must be sent to your course instructor ONLY to finalize your certification process.  After you have been certified, you do not need to send the RRCA a copy of the cards.  However, you must update your information through the RRCA website to maintain your status as an RRCA Certified Coach and your public listing on the website.

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