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Kids Run the Nation Grant Fund

In 2007, the RRCA developed the Kids Run the Nation Fund to assists running clubs, events, and schools that are interested in implementing or currently have a youth running program.  Since 2007, the RRCA has granted a total of $136,550 to deserving youth programs around the U.S., along with donating tens of thousands of copies of Kids Run the Nation program guides and kids booklets. This small grant program is funded by restricted contributions from RRCA members, individuals, foundations, and corporations.  Grants are awarded on an annual basis through an application and selection process overseen by a volunteer selection panel. Donate to the Kids Run the Nation Fund by making an annual contribution to the RRCA.

Criteria for a Grant from the RRCA: Kids Run the Nation Fund

For 2016, a total of $30,000 will be awarded in a combination of grants ranging from $500-$1,000. Running clubs, events, or other organizations with the IRS 501(c)(3) designation are eligible to apply. Elementary and middle schools that provide an organized after-school running programs are eligible as well.  No grants will be given to individuals under any circumstance.  All applicants must be an official 501(c)(3), school, parent booster club, PTA, or a similar entity.  The application deadline for a Kids Run the Nation Grant is October 1, 2016.

Important criteria for receiving a grant include:

  • The running program should be more than just a one time event. It should be a structured running program that ideally utilizes the RRCA youth running materials. The goal of the program is to have kids running regularly, at least once a week for multiple weeks, as opposed to participating in a single event. However, the program may culminate in participation at a kids. race.
  • The program may be a start-up program or a pre-existing program.
  • The program should not be gender specific but open for both girls and boys. The program may not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, ethnic origin, or economic status. The program may outline age groups and may place a minimum and maximum age for participation.
  • The program may focus on participation or may emphasize competition or a combination of both.
  • The running program has adopted policies and procedures that ensure the safety of the participants and outlines expectations of the program leaders including submitting to criminal background checks.

What the Kids Run the Nation Grants May Fund:

  • Marketing materials, brochures, posters, fliers, etc informing parents about the program
  • Advertising the program in a community newspaper or website
  • Hosting a program website
  • Fees for permits or usage fees for a local park or running track
  • Purchase hydration supplies — water, Gatorade, cups, etc.
  • Participation awards (ribbons, shirts, patches, etc) for the program
  • Mileage logs or other written materials for the program
  • Other items that the RRCA Grant Selection Committee sees fit to fund

What the Kids Run the Nation Grants Will Not Fund:

  • Sponsoring individual runners
  • Travel for competitive teams to events
  • Race entry fees for competitive teams
  • Social events for program staff or volunteers
  • Salaries or travel costs for paid program staff
  • Other items the RRCA grant selection committee determines to be ineligible for funding

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