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Manage Your Kids Program

Step Two:Manage your kids program/kids club registration data and program goals. 

My Kids Club Tab Instructions
Club: The Club tab is the default landing tab.  You can update your program profile, registration form, and more by selecting the links below the tabs.

Members: Click on the “Members” tab to view registered participants or to add them manually from offline registrations as needed.  Use the links below the tab to update members/participant information.  The term “Member” is used on the form and is the same as student or program participant. 

Categorize: Click on the “Categorize” tab.  Here you can create categories or groups and assign participants to categories.  Consider categorizing program participants by age, grade, or program session if you offer multiple sessions of the program during the day/week.  Categorizing your participants will enable you to log miles for a group of students as opposed to logging miles for individuals.  The system will allow you log for both individual participants and participants as a group.  You can even allow your program participants to access their personal profiles and log their own miles.  This is only recommended for older grades.  Click on “add categories” to create your categories.  Then click on “categorize members” to place participants into your desired categories.

Assign: You can either assign distance or time goals for individual participants or for your categories through the “Assign” tab, but this is not a required step.  If your program participants have a collective goal to run a certain number of miles you can outline the group’s goals using the “Assign” option.  This will allow you to track and report on progress towards a goal.  To set-up your goals, click “assign runs”.  Enter a distance or time goal for your category.  Use your arrow keys or the scroll bar at the bottom of the running log page to view information for the full week.

Log Miles: To log miles for individuals, select the “Assign” tab and the “log for member” option to log individual miles run.  Select “log for category” option to log the miles or time run for a group/category.  Click on the day of the week for the desired individual or category which will launch a pop-up box.  Log the distance and or time run along with notes.  Click “save and close” to log the miles.  Use the arrow keys or scroll bar at the bottom to move through the log and see progress at the end of the week. 


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