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Zombie Survival


Nov 2 2013


West Terre Haute IN

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Crossroads Events


  • 5K or Less



Event Information

Time is running out for you and your band of survivors. However the medical team in your science department believe that they may have found a cure. We lost contact with the scientists when they were attacked on their way back from transporting the antidote here. We need that formula now! Will you be able to brave zombies and obstacles to bring back a cure? It's time to decide. Will you be a Hero? Or lunch? You will enter an obstacle course that is overrun by the undead. Your goal is to navigate the course and find the cure while keeping your health flags intact. The zombies will not touch you except to attempt to tear your flags from your belt. If all of your health flags are taken you are infected but you can still complete the course with the rest of the field.

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