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Jan 25 2014


Madras OR

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MADras Runners


  • Ultra



Event Information

The first Mad Ass was run in January 2006. Two routes of 25km or 50km were marked. Runners took off in strong winds and lots of mud on mostly dirt roads. The routes went way out into the Crooked River Grasslands, past the Hay Creek Ranch, back through Mud Springs and over Pine Ridge. The first Mad Ass Ale was a red ale, appropriately named "Killer the Red" after the aging resident mutt (with 2 t's). We don't remember anyone's times, but about 5 runners finished the 50km, which was actually 52km. Kathy Harshburger made water bottle koozies for all runners. A collector's item for sure. Mad Ass 2007 surprised most runners. While the low clouds and below freezing temperatures prevailed in Bend, Madras was in the 50's and sunny. Most runners were over dressed, but enjoyed the sunshine! Mad Ass Ale was a winter warmer, spiced with ginger, bitter orange and cinnamon. There were 7 50km finishers. The routes were the reverse of 2006. Kathy Harshburger made all Mad Ass finishers wonderful fleece headbands, embroidered with a cool Mad Ass logo. Mad Ass 2008 had runners back on the same route and direction as 2006. The weather was not as nice, however, with freezing fog over 2,400 feet elevation (MUTs home is at 2,200). Mut 1 spent a lot of time on the course in front of the space heater and handing out "hot-hands" and hot tea. MUT 2 brewed an American Brown Ale, low in alcohol, rich in carbs. No DUIIs en route home. New this year was FATSO (Fat Ass Trail Series of Oregon). Only 3 runners finished all 4 fat ass races (Bad Ass, MLK, SOFA and Mad Ass) in 4 weeks. Slowest time was the winner: Darla Brader, followed closely by Chris Askew and Sean Meissner. Kathy Harshburger, MUT 2 and friends knit felted baskets for all runners. FATSO finishers received felted mittens, which they would've liked BEFORE the run. Mad Ass 2009 had a new course and sublime weather: 60's and sunny. Runners had a 25km loop in the grasslands, followed by an out-n-back on the Willow Creek trail to Lake Simtustus. Most folks didn't even know that Madras had a trail like this through a pretty canyon with cascade mountain views. Record turn-out for both distances, fabulous beanies by Kathy Harshburger and award-winning Mad Ass Ale. Yup, this one took 2nd place in the American Pale Ale category at the KLCC Brewfest in Eugene!! Mad Ass 2010 will follow the '09 routes. New brew this year and clearly a winner: MadAss BuzzBuzz, a coffee-chocolate stout. It won 2nd place in its category at KLCC Brewfest. Max King & Andy Martin probably set a course record, but we don't keep records at Fat Asses do we? Mad Ass 2011 followed the same routes as the past 2 years, but Willow Creek was flowing high and fast. Lots of wet feet/legs! On tap: MadAss BuzzBuzz and ESB. New attendance record: 65 runners w/15 50km finishers, including a dog or two, and about 1/3rd coming from the wet Valley to enjoy Madras sunshine. Great weather (shorts & t-shirts), great food and friends. Mad Ass 2012 - Same course. 60 runners, 21 from way out of town (see results), 12 50k finishers. Temp 58F mixed sun/clouds, no mud. MadAss Pale Ale and American Wheat served. Mad Ass 2013 - Sticking with the same routes but different mileages with the new start: 13 miles for the grasslands loop and 18 miles for the Willow Creek Trail out-n-back. Sunny, easy breeze, low 30's to start, warming up into the high 40's. Surface ice on the roads was slick at first, but quickly melted off. First 0.5 m of Willow Creek trail was really slick w/ice in the early morning and turned to nice, deep mud by late morning! Record number of 50k finishers - 19! 75 total runners. MadAss BuzzBuzz, MadAss IPA and Ashley Nordell on tap. Mad Ass 2014 - same routes as 2013. MAD Runners now an official partner.

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