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Tunnel Hill 100


Nov 15 2014


Vienna IL

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So iLL Racing


  • Ultra



Event Information

100 miler on the beautiful Tunnel Hill State Trail with a 50 mile option. Fast! I'm thinking there is an excellent argument that this could be the fastest hundred miler in the United States. There are no altitude issues... elevation runs between 340' and 680' above sea level. No humongous hills... instead a gentle 2% grade. No trip hazards to contend with at night... this is a crushed limestone, smooth trail. Heck, you might not even need your light at night if the moon is right. And, we are having it in mid November to take out the hot, humid days. This just seems to be the perfect 100 miler for first time hundreds (and everyone wants to run 100 miles now, don't they? The same runners who, several years ago, were facing their first marathons). It's also ideal for veterans to break that elusive 24 hour barrier, or for faster runners to finally crack 20 hours. Someone could very well go into the mid or even low teens here. Annnd... don't think that because it's a rails trail that it will be boring... nothing further from the truth... the trail cuts beautifully through gorgeous overlooks, using some very cool bridges. It'll leave you wanting more.

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