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2011 RRCA Membership Renewal Period Begins Today!

2011 RRCA Dues Rates

For the forth year in a row the RRCA Board of Directors has elected to maintain the membership dues at the current rate.  We are able to do this through prudent financial management of the organization and from the generous support of our members and corporate supporters that donate funds to support our programs.

Membership Term

Running Club and Event membership in the RRCA is based on the calendar year, not the date your organization joined or renewed your membership.  The annual membership in the RRCA including insurance coverage begins on December 31, 2010 at 12:00 AM and ends at 11:59 PM on December 30, 2011.  This date range ensures coverage for News Years Eve runs covered by the 2011 insurance policy.  Clubs and events must renew their membership by December 1, 2010 if they have a New Year Eve run to ensure coverage and adequate processing time for insurance certificates.  There is NO prorating of dues or insurance for late payments, or for new members joining throughout the year.  Members that renew after January 31st are covered for insurance on the date of renewal.  Make sure ALL of your club and event activities are covered for 2011 by renewing on or before January 31, 2011.

2011 RRCA Insurance Program Enhancements

For 2011, we are very excited to introduce two options for liability coverage for clubs and events.  The RRCA will now have a tiered liability insurance program that provides $1 million per occurrence coverage with no aggregate limit for clubs and events (our standard policy) and $2 million per occurrence coverage with no aggregate limit based on the number of household members or event participants.  This covers all of a club’s activities and events at the $2 million coverage level.  In previous years we were only able to offer the $2 million in coverage for specific events and at a flat rate fee. 

We are very pleased by this level of coverage offered by our insurance providers, which provides our members with more choice at an affordable rate.  We recommend that members select the $1 million per occurrence in liability option if they are not required by their local government or another entity to insure their activities for $2 million or more.

The $1 million liability insurance rates have NOT increased for running clubs for 2011.  For event members dues remain the same, but there is a very modest increase in the liability insurance rates for participants to ensure adequate premium coverage for the additional medical coverage piece of the policy. You can find the detailed dues and insurance rates online at

Both running clubs and events will be able to purchase additional coverage for volunteer medical personnel at a rate of $250 for the year for $1 million per occurrence coverage, and $300 for $2 million per occurrence coverage. The Volunteer Medical Personnel Endorsement covers emergency first aid and/or on-course medical treatment by properly licensed medical personnel working on a voluntary basis.  Paid medical staff is not covered under this endorsement.

Detailed information about the RRCA insurance program can be found on the Insurance page.  We recommend that all members review this section in advance of renewing as you will be asked to attest to reading the information as part of the renewal process.  You will also be asked to attest to reading the Guidelines for Safe Events and the Guidelines for Leading a Group Run.

Renew Your 2011 RRCA Membership

As a reminder, all 2011 membership renewals will be processed using our online system.  We will not accept any of the old hard-copy renewal forms.  We highly recommend that you print the instructions for renewing your membership before you start the online renewal process.  Following our written instructions will help ensure a smooth renewal process for your club or event.  Membership dues and insurance can still be paid by check, which is preferred to credit card payments.  Your payment by check can save the RRCA thousands of dollars in credit card processing fees. 

Renew your membership today!

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