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B.A.A. at 125: The Colorful History of the Boston Athletic Association

In American sports history, there are but a handful of athletics clubs that can date their pedigrees back into the middle and late nineteenth century. One of the most historic, and colorful, is the Boston Athletic Association. It is a fact that the B.A.A. had nine of the fourteen US athletes who competed in the 1896 Olympics, the first of the modern Olympiad. It is a fact that the B.A.A. founded the first marathon in the U.S., in 1897, and it is a fact that the start of the modern health club benefitted from B.A.A. club, then located in the Back Bay.

The B.A.A. at 125 is much more than a book of facts. John Hanc ably describes the sports world, and the contempory world, over the 125 years of the evolution of this modern sports club. The Boston Marathon, founded by the B.A.A. is the most iconic marathon on the globe. In 1986, the B.A.A. accepted the sponsorship of the John Hancock Financial Services Company, and took the Boston Marathon, and the sport, into a new era.

And the characters of the B.A.A.? A more colorful lot of athletes, coaches, officials would be hard to collect. John Hanc, the author, over the 114 pages and one hundred photographs, does a yeoman’s job at giving the reader a real feel of the Boston Athletic Association. This is a must read for any sports fan, and especially, if one runs or follows the sport of athletics…

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