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52nd Annual RRCA National Convention Education Sessions Announced

Lakeland, FL – The Lakeland Runners Club and Polk County Tourism and Sports Marketing are pleased to announce the educational sessions that have been developed for the 52nd Annual RRCA National Convention.  The RRCA Convention will be held April 21-25, 2010 and includes the 2010 RRCA National 5K Championship race, Race the Lakes, and the Nation Running Awards banquet. Additional speakers for our panels are being finalized and will be announced soon.

Friday April 23rd Education Sessions

General Sessions

Insurance & Risk Management – Presented by Star Insurance and K&K Insurance
Presented by Terry Diller - Come learn about best practices in risk management from recent lessons learned from insurance claims.  Learn about new RRCA insurance program enhancements and how they benefit your club and event. 

Lobbying for Nonprofit Running Clubs – Sponsored by the RRCA
Presented by Jeannie Fox, CLPI Training Fellow – Learn about the laws that govern grassroots advocacy and lobbying activities for nonprofit organizations. This session will cover the differences between direct and grassroots lobbying and other important concepts for nonprofit lobbying activities.

Developing Grassroots Advocacy Campaigns - Sponsored by the RRCA
Presented by Jeannie Fox, CLPI Training Fellow – Learn how to develop grassroots advocacy campaigns that clubs can implement locally.  These locally developed campaigns will address ideas such as runners’ safety initiatives, community health promotion initiatives, multi-use trail development and maintenance initiatives, and many other topics of interest to the running community.

Break-out Sessions

Non-running Events and Creative Group Runs to Build Club Camaraderie

Join RRCA Board Member, Kelly Richards as she leads an engaging discussion about great ideas for social events to build your club community beyond just regular group runs. Learn about fun ideas for making your group runs more engaging and safe.

How to Manage Race Growth
Events around the country are growing.  Come learn about strategies to manage race growth to ensure continued success.  Learn about strategies to help you grow our race. Learn about strategies for working with your local convention and visitors bureau or local sports commissions.  Learn about strategies for tapping into new resources for your event through your CVBs.

Developing Programs for Older Runners & Walkers
Gary Cohen will explore the ways to maintain running fitness and stay healthy for older runners as well as those at various fitness levels.  Gary’s session will include how to build a base of health and fitness, maintaining intensity as you age, soft surface running, as well as strength training and recovery. 

Saturday April 24th Education Sessions

“Join a Club” - Strategies for Growing Your Club
Presented by Libby Jones, 2008 RRCA Club President of the Year - Learn about strategies to grow your club membership from leaders who have significantly grown their club membership numbers.  Learn how to incorporate social networking and up-to-date web technology into your communication strategies for growing your club.

Kids Run the Nation
Present by Eve Mills, RRCA Director of Program Services – Learn about how you can implement a youth running program such as Kids Run the Nation in your community.  Learn about safety issues for youth clubs and best practices and lessons learned for hosting youth events.

Hosting RRCA Programs: The Convention, Championship Events, and Coaching Certification Courses
Present by George Rehment and David Cotter – Learn about the benefits for your club for hosting the RRCA Convention.  Learn about hosting an RRCA Championship event and sponsorship opportunities.  Learn about hosting a coaching certification course for your community to train adult distance coaches for your club.

Injury Prevention/Shoe Fit Clinic
Presented by Tim Hilden, MS, PT, ATC - Tim is a member of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine team since 1998. Tim is a physical therapist, athletic trainer, and exercise physiologist.  In addition to his physical therapy patient load, Tim specializes in walking and running gait analysis. Tim will outline common injuries related to shoe fit and how the proper shoe can prevent injuries and help you run more efficiently along with other injury prevention tips.

Putting on a Half Marathon & Marathon
Learn about best practices in putting on a half marathon and marathon by Jon Hughes race director of the Disney marathon and Susan Hemmerling race director for the Gasparilla marathon.

ChiRunning – Sponsored by ChiRunning
Presented by Danny & Katherine Dreyer - ChiRunning has become widely acknowledged for helping beginning runners, marathoners, triathletes, and recreational runners get to the source of running-related problems by improving their running technique. In the five short years since it was introduced nationally, ChiRunning has helped to reshape the landscape of the sport of running by making running more accessible and appealing to people who have stopped running due to injury, who are intimidated by the difficulty and potential danger of running, who want to improve their competitive edge, and for those who want to maintain a joyful relationship to their running.

Nutrition, Supplements, and Performance Enhancers
Presented by Cassie Dimmick MS, RD, LD -You have all heard the advertisements from companies that make performance enhancing products. “Drink this and you will run faster, eat this and you will get a PR”, and the list goes on. A lot of times the marketing of these products is way ahead of the science, which makes it confusing. In this informative class, Registered Dietitian and Board Certified Sports Nutritionist Cassie Dimmick will explain what you really need to be eating and drinking to perform at your best. She will go over the science behind the recommendations, along with false claims that are out there.  Don’t waste your time and money on a product that is just hype! Learn from a sports nutrition expert what you need to include, and what you can leave out, in your training and racing diet to perform at your best.

Working with Charities
Presented by Jean Knaack, RRCA Executive Director – Learn about strategies for working with local charities to raise funds.  Review proper organization of your event or club to ensure you meet IRS and RRCA guidelines on what is a nonprofit running club or event.  Discuss strategies for increasing running as a charity of choice for events.

Writing about Running to Promote Your Club or Event
Presented by Hal Higdon - Want to start a newsletter to promote your club or communicate to your club in a more effective way?  Learn tips from award winning author Hal Higdon and an esteemed panel of RRCA writing award recipients and running journalists. Learn strategies for effective use of social networking sites.  Learn about user friendly website builder tools and how you can incorporate social networking into your communication strategies.

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