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RRCA Welcomes New York State Rep

Eastern Region Director Mark Grandonico is happy to announce the appointment of Bob Beattie as the New York State Rep.  Bob will be replacing Liz Ozur, and the RRCA thanks Liz for her service as a State Rep.

When Bob was in high school, he used to ride his bike 17 miles to school, run track and cross country and swim on the swim team. Between college and jobs he became too busy to run, but enjoyed hiking whenever he could get away. With a spare tire around his waist, in his mid thirties, Bob discovered triathlons. Only after several triathlons did he start competing in 5K’s and 10K’s and enjoyed helping out at races. Bob’s interest in running and helping runners combined with a strong retail background he quickly became a manager at a local running store in central Long Island.

There are a lot of runners on Long Island and a good amount of great running clubs and races. When Bob moved to the east end of Long Island, there was a few struggling races, no running clubs and no way to promote races. The local running store was not just one of the ways to find out about races, it was the only way. Bob started group runs out of the store, a running newsletter and started collecting names and contact information of runners at races. In 1994, Bob founded the East End Road & Trail Runners Club and started three new races. Sixteen years later, Bob manages a running store, a running club and also a timing company.

Bob has always encouraged runners to join their local running clubs, volunteer and give back to their sport. As New York State Rep, Bob is looking forward to networking with member clubs and communicating RRCA programs, benefits and initiatives.

Bob still attempts to find time to run, hike, ski, and kayak whenever he can.

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