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2022 Join/Renew with RRCA Now Open

As we kick off the renewal process, we are happy to announce that there will be a NO RATE INCREASE in the General Liability Insurance Program including the supplemental Volunteer Medical Coverage and Operations policy options. There is a small $5 increase for the Directors & Officers Insurance. For clubs with over 35 households, we have rounded the dues from $2.27 to $2.30. This represents a 1% increase, and RRCA has not adjusted club dues since 2006.
Annual membership in the RRCA, including insurance coverage, begins on December 31st at 12:00 AM and ends at 11:59 PM on December 30th of the following year. To ensure full coverage for activities, clubs and events must renew their membership by January 31, 2022. There are NO prorating of dues or insurance for late payments or for new members joining throughout the year.  Review Membership requirements.

Accessing the Membership System:

On the website there are several options for accessing the membership system. We recommend starting at “Membership System How To.” If you have not already done so, you will be required to update your organization phone number and DIRECTORY address. You MUST validate the directory address. Update your organization website as needed. For clubs, add your social media accounts (these will appear on RRCA.org under your club listing).

Updating Organization Primary Contact:

Reminder, each member must assign a Primary Contact to manage your organization’s account in our system. The Primary Contact can make updates, add events, pay fees, and make donations online to RRCA. With our new system, we believe by giving members control of this function, you can engage in effective leadership transitions, which includes on-boarding the new Primary Contact to the RRCA member system and membership requirements. Review the “Membership System How To” for updating Primary Contacts, as needed.

How Do I Add or Report Owned Events?

During the join/renew process you will have the opportunity to RENEW and update your existing events in the system or add new events your organization owns to the calendar. Reporting all owned events to the RRCA for insurance coverage purposes is requirement of membership. The membership system calendar is integrated with the website and powers the public “Find an Event” listing on RRCA.org. You will purchase music licenses for events, as needed, in the “+Add New Event” portion of the system. 
To Renew your Event(s) in the system, click on the event, make updates to the date, participant/volunteer numbers, etc. Click save and continue to renew events listed in the system. You can also add new events after renewing existing events. If you are not ready to renew an event, select the don’t renew option. Events can be added throughout the year, self-serve, by the Primary Contact as they are planned and implemented. 

New Payment Options and Troubleshooting Tips:

The RRCA membership system offers 3 different payment options:
  • Credit Card: American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover
  • ACH Payment (e-check): E-checks save RRCA from incurring large processing fees!
  • “Pay Later”: Select this option to snail mail a check. You must pay by check with 14-days. If mailing a check DO NOT require a signature for delivery from USPS, UPS, or FED EX. If you select “Pay Later,” you must select your correct billing address and click “Checkout.”
If your organization leaders would like to review the invoice for approval, select “Pay Later,” and your Primary Contact can still return and pay by ACH or credit card instead of mailing a check.
Credit Card Troubleshooting: To prevent fraud, and to ensure low credit card processing rates for RRCA, which we do not pass on to members, the first and last name and billing address on file with the credit card company MUST match the information in the RRCA system. For example, if the primary contact is not the same person as an organization’s credit card holder, or if they have a different address than the club’s address, the payment will be declined. If you provide a false CID number, the payment will be declined. 
ACH Troubleshooting: For ACH (e-check) processing, the signer on the bank account must be the person initiating the ACH payment in the RRCA system. If the Primary Contact name in RRCA is not an authorized signer for a bank account, or the address we have on file doesn’t match what the bank has on file, the ACH will be declined.  Before paying by ACH ensure your bank does not have a threshold amount, and check to see if you can add RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) as an authorized payee.
If you need assistance, email [email protected]. Please be kind and patient with staff as we work to onboard members to the new system this year. The first year is always the most challenging when a new system launches.
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