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Board Nominating Procedures

The Nominating Committee of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) is advising membership that the following Board of Director positions are up for election in 2021:

  • Western Region Director
  • Southern Region Director
  • At-Large Director
  • At-Large Director

Term of Service:  As outlined in the RRCA Bylaws, Group II (Southern Regional Director, Western Regional Director and 2 At-Large Directors) is up for election and following the election will serve from approx. May 1, 2021 through April 30, 2023.

Eligibility Requirements: 
To be eligible for nomination as an Officer or Director of the RRCA, a nominee must have been a member of the RRCA for at least six months immediately preceding nomination. A prospective nominee shall:

  1. Support the mission, vision, and values of the RRCA;
  2. Demonstrate a commitment to running through prior service to the sport or demonstrated professional expertise of value to the RRCA;
  3. Be able to function effectively in a team environment to provide governance and oversight in accordance with the RRCA Bylaws and be able to participate in discussions with respect and tolerance for differing opinions and ideas;
  4. Understand the role and responsibilities of RRCA Board Members (It is highly recommended to schedule time and review this information with either Jean Knaack or George Rehmet in advance of submitting a nomination.);
  5. Additionally, Regional Directors must reside in the region for which they are running.

Time & Other Commitments: The RRCA Board of Directors is a governing board, not a managing board, focused on oversight and strategic planning for the organization. The employees in the National Office, under the direction of the Executive Director, are responsible for the day-to-day management of the organization. RRCA Board members must be able and willing to:

  1. Participate in at least two in-person board meetings per year and additional meetings held online (appox. 2-3 per year).  RRCA covers travel expenses to board meetings.
  2. Review periodic emails and quarterly reports from the Executive Director, and Board members are expected to review materials in advance of meetings to be prepared to engage in discussion. 
  3. Serve on committees or working groups as requested.
  4. Make a financial contribution to the RRCA that exceeds $250 per year. (This donation is separate from winning auction items or buying raffle tickets at the RRCA Convention.)

Nominating Procedures

Step One - Submit Nomination:  It is recommended that interested candidates complete the nomination form themselves by the deadline, February 2, 2021. Results will be emailed directly to the Nominating Committee Chair.  Provide a brief statement (300 words max) supporting your nomination. Outline your qualifications and specific professional skills you bring to the Board of a national organization.  Outline your experience with your local club/event including awards, board position(s), and local community involvement.  Outline your experience with the RRCA national organization and why you want to serve on the RRCA Board. Upload your professional resume (not a race/running resume) along with information for 2-3 people that would recommend you for the RRCA Board of Directors. 

Step Two - Nomination Review:  The Nominating Committee will review all nominations.  Online interviews (via Zoom) will be scheduled with all candidates by members on the Committee.  A member of the Committee will also contact your references as well as, individuals associated with the RRCA who you have volunteered with in the past such as a State Rep from your region, current or past board members. 

Step Three - Report of the Nominating  Committee:
  Following candidate interviews and deliberations of the Nominating Committee, their recommended slate of directors for election, shall be shared with the membership by March 9, 2021. Following the announcement of the recommended slate, candidates not included may email the Executive Director, within 30-days, and ask to be included as a candidate for election as outlined in the RRCA Bylaws.

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