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The Long Distance Log

Introduction by Tom Osler

In June 1953, Austin Scott of the New York Pioneer Club began circulating a self made publication he called the Distance Running Journal.  It was mimeographed on 8.5 by 14 inch paper and each issue was about 12 pages.  It contained race results, schedules of races and other items of interest to long distance runners.  A one year subscription was $3.00.  Sadly Scott died one week after finishing fourth in the 6 Mile Race of the 1954 National AAU Track and Field Championships in St. Louis, MO on a terribly hot night.

Browning Ross, member of the 1948 and 1952 Olympic Teams in the steeplechase and many times National Champion at all distances from 10 to 30 kilometers, was the founder of the Long Distance Log. The Log was a successor to Scott’s Distance Running Journal and initially had the same physical appearance. It was a monthly publication that carried the complete results of nearly every road race held in the USA as well as some track races and important international races. In addition it carried editorials by Ross, letters to the editor, minutes of the RRCA as well as RRC chapters, relevant magazine articles and other items of interest to long distance runners. The Log first appeared in 1956 and ended in 1975.  Read more….

Distance Running Journal: 1953

Long Distance Log: 1956 - 1957

Long Distance Log: 1958 - 1959

Long Distance Log: 1960 - 1961

Long Distance Log: 1962 - 1963

Long Distance Log:  1964 - 1965

Long Distance Log:  1966 - 1967

Long Distance Log:  1968 - 1969

Long Distance Log:  1970 - 1971

Long Distance Log:  1972 - 1973

Long Distance Log:  1974 - 1975


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