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For over four decades, the RRCA State Representatives (State Reps) have served as ambassadors for the organization by providing a physical presence in each state for the RRCA. State Reps promote our programs and services to members, non-members, and individual runners in their home state. State Reps monitor trends and issues at the state and local level and report them to the National Office.

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Ron Alford State Rep HeadshotRon took up running as an adult and have always enjoyed it. He became an RRCA Certified Coach in the 1980s and coached for the Huntington Track Club (Huntington, WV) and the Atlanta Track Club. Ron specialized in beginners as he really loves to introduce new people into the sport. He retired to Honolulu in 2010 where he is a member of the Mid-Pacific Road Runners Club and its current President. Ron was selected as the 2015 RRCA State Representative of the Year. Representing RRCA to the community is a task he relishes and race expos are one of his favorite places to talk about RRCA and meet lots of runners! He believes it is wonderful to run with Aloha!

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Kim Harding State Rep HeadshotKim was raised in Highland, IN. She moved to Fort Wayne in 2008 and is a clinical psychologist currently working at the VA hospital. In 2011, she lost over 100 pounds through diet and exercise and was regularly walking several times per week. She slowly started to pick her feet up a bit and discovered she could run….and she loved it! She completed her first official 5K in 2012. After several health setbacks for a few years in 2017 she was healthy enough to run again. She found a local Couch to 5K program, and the rest is history. She went from the couch to a half marathon in 6 months, to a full marathon in a year, to a 50 miler in 2 years and she just completed her first 100 miler in 2021. She has served her local running community as a member of the board of directors for two different running clubs and assists in race directing several races. She has become an RRCA coach and absolutely loves helping runners and walkers of all abilities train and achieve their own running goals. She particularly loves running ultramarathons.

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Scott Fiske HeadshotOriginally from Vermont, Scott has lived in Michigan for 22 years. He teaches  elementary school PE and is an avid runner, triathlete and coach. As of summer 2022,  Scott has completed 18 marathons including 6 Bostons as well as an age group win in Chicago. He came on board as the Michigan State Representative in 2016, and is passionate about inspiring others to live their best lives through the wonderful sport of running!

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John Brust State Rep HeadshotJohn’s introduction to running began at local fun runs with his family when he was a child where the activity, lightheartedness, and community sense of it all helped shape his daily joy and love for the sport.

One of John’s great loves is helping to build and strengthen communities. And he is looking forward to facilitating or assisting in opportunities for this across the great state of Wisconsin and beyond, so EVERY RUNNER knows—no matter their pace—they have a “running” home and community to call their own. And if it’s an RRCA Wisconsin State Championship race, John will see you there. As he tells us, “I’ll be cheering for you!” (that is certain)

John moved back to his home town of Milwaukee during COVID. Prior to that he was in northern California helping steer the San Francisco Road Runners Club on good paths as their president and track coach. In 2020, John was the recipient of RRCA’s Outstanding Club President of the Year

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