The following is a summary of basic expectations for an RRCA State Rep:
Select and promote RRCA State Championship Events. Races will bid for the State Championship designation and you will be responsible for developing the calendar for the RRCA Championship Events in our state, with guidance from the National Office. We recommend the State Rep travel to at least one State Championship Event, and more if possible, to hand out RRCA sponsored awards.
Help promote RRCA programs and services through statewide communications by making regular contact with club and event leaders via email quarterly and on social media monthly. Remind members to review RRCA News, Inside Track newsletters, Keeping Pace emails, and encourage clubs to visit the RRCA website, and use the RRCA member Logo. Help promote RRCA programs, services and benefits to clubs and events.  When possible, assist with hosting an expo booth at a nearby event. Stay in regular contact with the National Office and your Regional Director.
Attend the Annual RRCA Convention, and participate in the State Rep meeting, and assist with the State Rep Silent Auction held at the Annual Convention. You can either bring a piece of merchandise (donated by a running store or a race), or assist at the auction itself.  
RRCA State Rep Application
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