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The RRCA is a grassroots organization. But what does this mean?

In reality, it means different things to different people, as there is no legal definition for the term "grassroots" as it relates to nonprofit organizations. However, academia has attempted to provide some framework for the term “grassroots.” Grassroots generally refers to local people working together or organizing to find solutions to problems in their communities. Grassroots organizations are often contrasted with organizations founded by community “outsiders.”

Based on the general term “grassroots,” the RRCA is a grassroots or community-based organization. The RRCA is a national association of clubs and events, and our National Office does not organize these entities locally. Organization of running clubs and events is the responsibility of local people. The RRCA, in turn, provides services, benefits, and programs to support the locally-organized clubs and events. We do not dictate management or operations to our members, but we do provide guidelines and guidance on best practices and expect our members to comply with accountability expectations for membership. This is what makes the RRCA a “grassroots” organization.

The RRCA is an IRS 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization governed by a 9-person board of directors that is elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting of the Membership. See the RRCA Bylaws for more details. The organization is managed through its National Office under the leadership of its CEO. The RRCA is divided into four regions. Each region consists of a number of states with a Regional Director who is an elected member of the RRCA Board of Directors. Each state has a volunteer State Rep that is appointed by the Regional Director.

The RRCA is an association of running clubs, training programs, running events, runners and corporate supporters.

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