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**Bilingual English/Spanish** Unless you are a pro, Running should be enjoyable! I am a mom of 2 young adults, I manage a running store and I became a runner at the age of 42. While I had a great start, like many I "caught the bug" and did too much too soon resulting in a series of injuries and in turn I got slower and plateaued. I turned my frustration into research, learned from my mistakes, started using science and research and hired a coach resulting in cutting my marathon time by 1 hr 17 minute!. I am a road marathoner and trail ultramarathoner, having completed 2 trail 50Ks. I work in the running industry fitting people for their running shoes and other running needs. I am active in my trail running club, leading a trail run every week. Whether you are starting to run or are training (for a 5k- ultramarathon) as a "back of the pack" runner or as a competitive runner looking to PR. I can help you train efficiently and find that balance between life, work and exercise and the fine line between listening to your body and pushing hard. I will do what I can to make sure running continues to be enjoyable for you while remaining injury free and achieving progress.

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