Coach Aileen Kroon

Aileen Kroon is a teacher-turned-personal trainer and the founder of Get Strong Run Strong. She brings almost 15 years of running trial and error experience, from navigating injuries and pregnancies to knocking 7+ minutes off her 5k time. Becoming an athlete later in life, she had to do her own research to figure out how to become a better runner, and she continues to make improvements and set bigger goals. Falling in love with strength training and overhauling her weekly running routine to be data-driven, she’s in the best shape of her life and running her fastest times ever. More importantly, she’s been injury-free for the longest stretch she can remember! Aileen wants other female runners who are struggling to make progress to learn from her mistakes and hard-earned knowledge. By crafting programs that meet her clients’ individual needs and goals, she makes fitness simple and accessible. She loves helping other women feel stronger, faster, and more confident through strength training and running, which is why she created a personal training business that coaches the average female to see herself as an athlete, and then train and fuel accordingly, trusting and loving her body to achieve her wildest fitness dreams.

Coaching Services

  • Online coaching services
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