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Growing up in New Jersey, Alex played a variety of sports from swimming, ballet, soccer and basketball, but then in 1998 she watched the Winter Olympics and fell in love with the sport of alpine skiing. Having learned to ski at age 5, she already loved the sport but at age 15 she persuaded her parents to allow her to move across the country to Steamboat Springs, Colo. to attend boarding school and train with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club. While her skiing career did not play out as planned, her love for fitness continued. After graduating from college, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in public relations. In 2010, she moved to Denver to be closer to the mountains and to lead a more active lifestyle. Alex has trained for numerous half marathons, completed two marathons and got into triathlons and paddleboarding. She is grateful for the life fitness and sports have given her and she hopes to share her love of brunch, especially blueberry pancakes, passion and motivation with others to help them lead their best life. Alex is a certified RRCA run coach and NASM CPT. Connect with her on Instagram at @alexweissner. Welcome to training by bRUNch Running! Our training programs give you a personalized touch, community, and so much more. Each training program is personalized to your goals and lifestyle. You get more than just running, for example live virtual strength, HIIT and core workouts + an expanding library of workouts, and text support from Cortney and Alex (720.704.4873 - text us!). We’re your new RBFs (running best friends) that will virtually (and maybe one day soon in-person) celebrate each of your training runs and so many other things. bRUNch Running is just 2 gals that love to create so who knows what we will bring you next! We specialize in training for all and every type of runner and walker. From fitness focused programs to ultra marathon, we would love to be there for you on this adventure.

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