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Brian’s love of running did not start overnight. While running cross country in high school, he saw running as a means to an end for getting into shape for other sports. Soon after high school he decided running was not good for him. After becoming a physical therapist in 1998, he learned from the research literature that running does not lead to premature arthritis in the leg joints. Further reading led to his discovery of effective running form for reducing injury rates and improving performance. Over the past >15 years he has completed numerous marathons, ultramarathons, multisport and adventure races, which has helped refine his ability to teach running form, diagnose, and treat running related injuries. As a certified orthopedic clinic specialist, he strives to stay current with the most effective treatment techniques for musculoskeletal pain. Currently, he co-owns Advanced Rehabilitation Services, an outpatient physical therapy practice in Kalispell, MT. He is also a student in the art of balancing family, business, and training demands. Brian lives with his wife, Heidi, and two sons, Reed and Kyle, in Kalispell, MT.

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