Coach Charmaine Van Niekerk

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Meet Charmaine An enthusiastic distance runner for over three decades, Charmaine is dedicated to helping marathon and ultra-marathon runners accomplish their best running performance. She has helped athletes achieve goals they never considered within reach, including sub-3-hour or other marathon time goals, qualifying for Boston, or running their first or best ultra-marathon. Anything is possible with the right plan, commitment, and attitude! Dream Big. Charmaine also enjoys helping NEW runners, including youth, discover the joys of distance running. She believes that running makes us stronger physically and more flexible to life's demands. Runners learn patience, discipline, mastery, staying power, self-confidence, and more. Certified to coach distance running (RRCA and USATF), strength training, yoga, mindfulness, and a healthy lifestyle, Charmaine merges her passion for health, fitness, and endurance sport through run coaching. Certified Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED.

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