Coach Chelsie Hansen

Hi! Chelsie here. I have a passion for running and love to encourage others to tackle their own running goals! I took up running after college to stay active, care for my health and challenge myself with new physical and mental goals to see what my body is capable of. Prior to that, I wouldn't run unless I had a soccer ball between my feet but, I found the running community to be one of commitment, encouragement, inspiration, and fun! So coaching is my way to give back to the community and all that it has given me. I have been coached by a few coaches since taking on my own running goals and have found them to be helpful to my personal running journey and accomplishments! Sometimes you just need that extra person in your corner. My main run coaching goal is to assist woman and young ladies build the confidence in their running and provide encouragement with personal running schedules that adapt based on their current fitness level and help meet their goals. You’re an athlete and deserve that attention! If you would love to have someone support during your running journey, please feel free to reach out!

Coaching Services

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