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Are you looking for a coach that will motivate and inspire you while being 100% committed to your journey? If so, let’s connect! My name is Cortnie and I currently reside in Florida, but open to clients nationwide. Yes, I am a runner, but that isn’t where my journey began. I started off as a little girl with no social skills and big emotions who found happiness while playing soccer. Physical activity and soccer became my go to during difficult times and after college I needed to find something that was just as meaningful. One early morning in Philadelphia, I went for my first run and never looked back. Running became my world of peace, my go during hard times, and ultimately saved me. I found what it was like to run and thrive! 5 marathons, over 10 half marathons, a few 10Ks and a ton of 5Ks later, I have made running a core foundational stepstone for my wellbeing and want to give back to others all that I have learned along the way. My coaching style is unlike most. When partnering with me, a typical session or group of sessions, includes getting to know you from a holistic point of view. Whether one is seeking a healthier lifestyle, to start running again, to get faster, or complete their first race, I believe that one must first look at all other aspects of their life. This process allows the client and I to build a plan that works best for them. During the first couple sessions we will assess one’s level of running, running form, and foundation necessities to ensure that the plan designed is appropriate. I listen to my client’s feedback as it relates to their experience during the first few sessions in order to gage if the running path we are on is meeting all goals established. I also focus heavily on referring clients for additional support as it relates to physical well-being, PT, therapy, and massage therapy. These are all areas that influence one's ability to run and do so safely. I develop a plan that that meets the client where they are in the present but focuses on what it means for them to thrive. Together, we will run to thrive!

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