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I grew up playing team sports, mostly soccer, and started running seriously in 2009. My preferred distance is the marathon; I have run ten. I feel a connection to the story of Pheidippides. My race experience covers roads, trails, and rails-to-trails.

Running is my spiritual space. Some might call me a purist. I run without headphones and rarely run for time. Running has taught me so much about my body. My favorite mantras are: “Trust your training;” “Listen to your body;” and “This is just for me.” I also often hear my high school track coach in the back of my head, “Distance runners find a way.”

Running has been a way to build relationships and have fun. I have been known to run races in costume (e.g., I ran the 2012 Atlanta Marathon in an orange prison jumpsuit. You can imagine spectators’ confusion when they saw an “escaped convict” running through the city streets. See profile pic.)

I have overcome injuries and can empathize with the struggle of forced time off of the road. Because of this, I feel no finish is guaranteed, so every finish should be a celebration. I reserve a little energy to dance across every finish line. In 2015, I incurred an injury shortly before a marathon which forced me to walk instead of run the distance. Though it was my most difficult race, it taught me more than any other finish.

In 2018, I completed a graduate degree in clinical mental health counseling and am working towards independent licensure to be a counselor. Though I am not out to be your running therapist, I do bring some of my counseling philosophies to running. I believe running can be a tool to facilitate change in our lives, and I believe we will find the best results with a holistic approach to training.

I earned my RRCA Level 1 Coaching Certification in 2018. Though I am somewhat new to formal running coaching, I have been a mentor, facilitator, teacher, trainer, and coach in other areas for a long time. I feel prepared to work with runners who desire to conquer any distance or goal. I look forward to working with you!

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