Coach Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello

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As a busy full time working woman, mom, volunteer and social justice advocate as well as a marathoner with 30+ years of running under my belt, I know that most women juggle a LOT and often don't put themselves first. I develop individualized programs for women of all ages, sizes, hues and abilities. I am here to support you as you embark on something new. I am an RRCA level 1 certified coach currently offering virtual coaching. My passion is working with those who identify as women, especially those just setting out on a running journey (are new to running), and/or those at a juncture in their lives who are seeking strength and affirmation in some area of life. Running is more than just running. I am focused on coaching women’s running journeys with compassion. The goal: strength, joy, justice, transformation and empowerment in running and in life. Please see my website: The Atalanta Effect for more info. I can't wait to walk this journey with you.

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