Coach Heini Tallent

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I’m a coach for recreational runners, specializing in women in their 40s and 50s who want to run with more purpose and confidence, and to find ways of making running fun and enjoyable in the long term.

I love to work with runners who are returning to the sport after a break, those who have had injuries, and intermediate runners who are looking for the next training goal and expert guidance. Many of my clients have immediate or distant race goals, but some simply want to find an enjoyable running routine that keeps them healthy and fits around their busy lives.

I’m also an experienced sports massage therapist and certified gait analyst. I mostly coach online, both 1-on-1 and through seasonal small group training programs, but also host an online running community for women and offer technique sessions in person.

My focus is on empowering you to feel confident, knowledgeable, and help you enjoy running for life! As a licensed massage therapist, I place a great emphasis on holistic wellness, injury prevention, self-care, and listening to your body to stay healthy.

Coaching Services

  • Online coaching services
  • In-person coaching services
  • Group coaching services
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