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I am an athlete since 9 years old, then started running since then as a cross training for the sport of Taekwondo during my high school and college days. Started running seriously in 2010 and have finished notable races specially in ultra marathon running like, The North Face 100 Ultra Trail Marathon (twice, 2016, 2019), Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Marathon in 2018, Clark Miyamit 50 Miles Trail Ultra in 2014 and 2018. Achieved notable podium finishes as well in ultra running, Naic to Nasugbu 50K Road Ultra - Champion (2014), Naic to Nasugbu 50K -2018 (2nd Place) Taklang Damulag 50 Miles Trail Ultra - 2017 (2nd Place), Mt. Makiling 42km Trail Marathon - 2017 (2nd Place), PAU Bravo 50K Trail Ultra 2014 (3rd Place), PAU 6 Hours Endurance Run 2019 (Champion) Personal Best: 42KM - 02:54:47 | 21KM - 01:21:54 | 10KM - 36:57 | 5KM - 17:44, I am also a Level 1 USATF Certified Track and Field Coach.

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