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Hello! My name is Julia, and I love to help people become stronger, more confident runners. As a kid, I avoided anything even remotely athletic. Then, during my senior year in high school, I had my arm twisted into running cross country, and it was during this time that I got a taste of what would become one of my greatest passions! At 26, I trained for and ran my first marathon. To date, this first experience covering 26.2 miles was my favorite marathon ever - even more than Boston. I realized how much resiliency, strength and courage I possessed in a way I hadn't seen in myself before. As I've coached my friends and community over the years, I've had the great joy of others begin to see this capability within themselves. I take a wholistic approach to running, meaning that in addition to whatever raw athletic talent you may (or may not!) have, you will also be asked to explore other facets of your life that directly relate to your ability meet your running goals. These include stress, diet, sleep, strength training, and more. I believe a person runs the best when they bring their whole selves - your life experiences, personality, passions, ambitions, even your disappointments - to the sport. A better acceptance of yourself yields deeper confidence - the kind of confidence that helps a person withstand the discomfort of brutal track repeats or the final miles of a marathon. I offer two coaching options: Fixed plan (up to 16 weeks): I write a customized plan for you and you execute it apart from me without any changes. 2) Collaborative plans (choice between 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month commitment): I provide dynamic feedback on each run and make adjustments to the plan/training load based on client performance and preference. I look forward to hearing from you!

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