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I am a holistic health and running coach with a focus on helping people really learn how to heal and strengthen the whole body in a way that allows you to really thrive in your health and running. As a running coach, I focus on helping you connect with your whole body in order to create a body that really runs well. A few of these components include mobility, stability, strength, training progression, nutrition, and more. Having experienced burnout and loads of injuries at one point in my health and running history, I really went after learning about functional movement, corrective exercises, understanding the mechanics of the human body and running form, as well as how nutrition plays a part in our body’s ability to recover and train well. I hold certifications in running, running form, exercise nutrition, nutrition for healing the body, integrative nutrition, personal training, corrective exercise specialization, and more. I always offer a FREE initial consultation and would love to connect to see if we’re a good fit! To connect, feel free to send me an email, or sign up for a call at my website:

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