Coach Krishnadas Kootale

RRCA Level 1 and VDOT O2 certified coach. Played amateur level soccer through high school and college. One time state level yoga competition champion. Transitioned to running for fitness to balance with work life. Then spent a few years enjoying the excitement of horse riding in the wilderness. Many years of borderline unhealthy living followed, and came back to running more than a decade ago. Ran everything from 5k to Marathon, since. No records here, barring the pleasant surprise of getting placed in age group in local (NJ) 8k and Half Marathon once upon a time. Coached mainly working adults at different levels of ability to accomplish running goals that they thought were beyond them, thereby redefining their limits, boosting their confidence and helping them see their potential in a new light. I enjoy working with adults who want to explore and extend their capabilities and potential, be it a first 5k or a PR at their next Marathon. Whatever your running goals, I am passionate about helping you get there. Give me a shout.

Coaching Services

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