Coach Lee Beasley

I'm an "adult-onset" runner who played sports as a kid but hated running, and I've grown to become recreationally competitive at the 5K through marathon- mainly with myself! My wife and I are both physical therapists, so we're passionate about helping people optimize movement while staying ahead of injuries. Life is rarely dull in our household with 2 full time working runners and 2 school-aged kids with their own activities, but I love the challenge of fitting in running to balance out life. I also have loved to geek out on designing my own training plans and learning philosophies from other well known coaches out there, so becoming a coach felt like a great progression to building off that. I love to help runners of any experience level set and achieve goals through solid planning, consistency, and whatever style of feedback keeps them moving!

Coaching Services

  • In-person coaching services
  • Online coaching services
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