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My coaching journey began with RRCA certification in 2014. Since then I have coached groups ranging from total beginners (we start with 30 seconds of running) to ultra marathoners, with a current focus on individual coaching for adult recreational road and trail runners. With RRCA as my foundation, I have gone on to expand my coaching with Lydiard, VDOT, ACE group exercise, ACE fitness nutrition specialist, and TRX Training certifications. Whether you want to run your first 5K, maintain a more consistent running schedule for your overall health, or cross the finish line of your first ultra, I am here to help you develop the intersection of your running goals with the demands of the rest of your life. In doing so, we’ll create a lifelong, healthy relationship with running and achieving your dreams. I have personally experienced the joy that setting and achieving a running goal can bring to your life, and I want to share that with as many people as possible! Beyond coaching, I am a mother of four (including a set of twins), a 3x Boston Marathon qualifier, a four-year overall female winner of the Southeastern Trail Series, a 6x 100-mile race finisher. I'm a lover of woods and dirt, not afraid of falling (even though it can hurt), and a promoter of taking chances.

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