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I love getting outdoors and going for a trail run with my friends and currently lead a women's trail group called Icebug Forest Femmes in Minneapolis. I love snowy icy trails, we run everything! I love the footwork needed to run technical trails with lots of rocks and roots. I am also a certified Strong First Kettlebell instructor. The kettlebell swing is a great tool to use to teach the timing, rhythm and pace of trail running. It is also a great way to get strong, get more conditioning without running, and help avoid injuries. I have taught kettlebells for 6 years and used them to improve my running for a decade. I discovered kettlebells in 2011, I was recovering from a running injury, and I was very tight. I added kettlebells: I would run to the gym, train with a kettlebell instructor, and I would run back home. I was shocked to realize my second run was much faster than my first run. I was more flexible, mobile and faster AFTER my kettlebell practice. This also led to much better running times and endurance and a BQ. I recovered better from my training runs when I train with kettlebells. I have my master's degree in psychotherapy and I practiced psychotherapy for a decade: breath work and exercise was paramount in teaching my patients to manage stress and anxiety. In my class, we practice breath work as well, not only helpful in lifting weights but also in parenting teenagers! Diaphragmatic breathing is useful in running, strength training and life across disciplines. You can reach me via email: [email protected]

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