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Lori is an experienced runner who fell in love with the sport in the mid '90s. In graduate school, she ran her first half marathon and upon finishing went straight to sign up for her first full marathon. Lori is proficient in several areas that pertain to a runner’s lifestyle. As the co-owner of West Seattle Runner she enjoys working with runners of all levels on a daily basis, from proper shoe fit and gear to coaching new runners to their first half marathon. As a two-time Boston Marathoner, she also enjoys coaching competitive athletes with a hunger for goals and dedication to training. After opening West Seattle Runner with her husband, Lori spent several years as a running coach for the Team in Training program where she coached participants to run a half or full marathon, while they raised funds for blood cancers. Lori holds a Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling. Her running experience teamed with her career as a mental health therapist allows her to couple sound training principles with helping clients develop mental strategies for training and racing. Lori is a LEVEL II RRCA Certified Running Coach and looks forward to working one-on-one with athletes to take their running to the next level.

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