Coach Marissa Mooney

Based on my 10 years of running and racing a lot of distances I can help beginning runners get started, casual and intermediate runners get faster. I’ll build you a customized plan based on your current level of fitness and your goals. We’ll talk so I understand your goals and needs and I’ll give you direction and support on everything from stretching, training plans, speedwork, running gear, race prep, and recovery. No matter if you’ve just started running recently or have been running for a while but not really training, I can help you get to the next level, whatever that is for you. I help coach average people to build a consistent, healthy running lifestyle that will help them meet their goals. Everyone is unique. Our backgrounds, experiences, lifestyles, bodies, and goals are different. I work to understand your situation and goals and then develop a custom fitness program that fits your needs. I will help motivate and keep you accountable in a fun, friendly way. Running should be fun and so is achieving your goals!

Coaching Services

  • Online coaching services
  • In-person coaching services
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