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As a certified running coach with the RRCA and VDOT02, Michelle has been actively involved in the run space for many years and is very excited to support Pace of Me athletes in their goals as they embark on each of their journeys. Michelle brings two decades of personal and career running experience. Her career has focused on sports, specifically the endurance space, working for well-known sports nutrition and shoe brands and some major marathons. Her hands-on experience working with athletes, coaches, sports scientists, and nutritionists supports her vast experience and knowledge of maximizing potential, making her someone you can count on to help attain your goals. Personally, following countless races using cookie-cutter training plans starting in 2003, she hired her first coach in 2015 and has never looked back. She was searching for accountability, support, guidance, and, most importantly, a community. Through that, she ran her first sub-4-hour marathon, then a year later ran another marathon cutting 17 minutes off her PR and running a BQ, but most importantly, she feels strong and healthy and continues to love the running journey! Michelle is also active in her community, from co-chairing her local 5k race to starting a local run club to coaching her two kiddos’ school track and field and cross-country teams. As a lifelong athlete, Michelle brings calm energy to her coaching and is always ready to listen, guide, and support while tapping into experiences. Michelle coaches the 5k up to the marathon. Her basis for coaching is to ensure a foundation for a healthy runner that loves having structure and accountability but also enjoys competing and accomplishing their running goals well for years and years to come. You can email Michelle directly at [email protected] and learn more about her by following her on Instagram at @MkzMartin.

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