Coach Nancy Shura-Dervin

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​Nancy is an RRCA Certified Running Coach, UESCA Certified Ultra Running Coach, UESCA Certified Endurance Nutrition Coach and holds an active CA nursing license. Her career as a groundbreaking educator, coach and motivational speaker in the field of natural childbirth translates perfectly to helping runners learn the physical, ​mental and emotional tools needed to complete challenging races. Nancy is founder and owner of Ultra Ladies. Nancy has finished more than 100 marathon to 100+ mile races where she has several age division podium finishes. Nancy was the first person documented to qualify for and finish two of the most prestigious foot races in the world in the same year, the Boston Marathon AND the Badwater 135-Mile Ultra Marathon known as the "World's Toughest Footrace". Nancy specializes in coaching older athletes at all distances from beginner to 100+ mile runners.

Coaching Services

  • Online coaching services
  • In-person coaching services
  • Group coaching services
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