Coach Nicholas Barbati

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Helping you explore how running can make you happier and stronger

Over the past decade I have transitioned from competitive team sports to injury-riddled dormancy to running marathons and I love sharing the invaluable advice I've picked up throughout this journey .

I offer an individualized, tailored combination of the following based on your needs as a runner and human:

- coaching calls
- training plans
- injury prevention tips
- form guidance
- nutrition advice
- mobility recommendations
- sports psychology concepts

If you run with charity teams, I can also share plenty of advice on fundraising strategies, as I've raised $20,000+ running for various amazing organizations

13.1 X 9 (PB: 1:31, Brooklyn Half)
26.2 X 4 (PB: 3:20, Philadelphia Marathon)

Contact me at [email protected] for rates, always negotiable based on needs

Coaching Services

  • Online coaching services
  • In-person coaching services
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