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Hi I'm Nicki! Wife, mom/step-mom, goal-getter, juggler of career, family and life. Lover of all things running. Believer in big goals, chasing dreams, making memories and trying new things. As your coach I will help you push yourself in a way that shows support, belief and compassion. My combined experience as a runner, business leader and passion for personal growth create a unique opportunity for us to work together and start the process to set, pursue and achieve your goals. Ready? Let's GO! In 2016 I was in my mid-40's, tired, stressed and overwhelmed, managing a demanding career and life in our blended family of 6. Looking for an outlet, I started working with a running coach with a goal to run my first marathon. That year I experienced the joy and challenge of pushing myself and expanding my belief in what I was capable of, and so began my love for running. Since then I have run 4 marathons, been a 2x Boston Qualifier, and in 2021 set PR's in the 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon distances. As in life, it's not all glory! I battled major injuries in 2018-19 including hip labral tear surgery, and understand the physical and emotional challenge of walking (and running!) that road to recovery, and know it's possible to come back even stronger than before. As a wife and working mom of 4, I have navigated the challenges and seen the rewards of prioritizing health and fitness within a busy family life and demanding career. As a running coach, I specialize in empowering women to build confidence and gain balance through running, as we identify and break down the barriers to achieving their goals. Hands down, I believe the best way to improve as an athlete is to take the guess work out of it and put your trust in a coach. I believe that every athlete deserves a plan customized to their goals, schedule and lifestyle, and flexibility for what life brings. Whether you are new to running, looking to run your first race, chase that PR, or want to take your training and fitness to the next level, I would love to work with you to find your joy in running. Running Experience: 20+ years RRCA Certified Running Coach - Level 1 VDOT 02 Certified Distance Running Coach Current PR's: • 1 mile - 6:18 (2020) • 5k - 21:53 (2021) • 10k - 45:27 (2021) • Half Marathon - 1:40:13 (2021) • Marathon: 3:42:08 (2021) 2x Boston Qualifier Marathon x 4 | Half Marathon x 10 | 10k's and 5k's A-Plenty!

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