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Paul is a Vancouver, BC-based running coach helping athletes achieve their running and fitness goals. In addition, he works as a full-time business executive and has two teenage sons. He began his running journey in 2012, and during the process lost 50+ lbs. Since running his first marathon in 2013 (4:18:26), he had lowered his time to 2:58:05 in 2019. He credits his first running coach, Dane Rauschenberg, with teaching him the valuable lesson of “make your miles count, don’t count your miles.” That is, every run should have a purpose, even easy runs, rather than focusing on building to high mileage in pursuit of goals. While Paul has been a sports coach for more than twenty-five years (football and basketball), he began informally coaching others since 2016. He’s helped athletes discover the joy of running and achieve their fitness goals. He has coached a wide variety of athletes, from those training for their first 5k to others looking to PR their marathon time. Paul is very involved in the local running community and has volunteered at several races, including acting as a volunteer pacer. He is one of the group leaders for the Iguana Run Fast Track Club. In addition to his coaching, Paul has earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Arizona State University and has undergraduate degrees in Education (BEd) and History (BA).

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