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I wish I had some extraordinary story, but alas, it is all very common. I believe that I am of a lucky generation that found our childhood free of the overwhelming technology, video games, and social media that have overrun the kids of today. My childhood was spent mostly outdoors, perpetually active. In my later teen years and through my 20's and early 30's I somehow lost the drive for activity. Bad habits and an unhealthy lifestyle all but erased any fitness I had gained through my youth, fortunately I have what many would consider ""good genes"" so the road back to an active lifestyle was not as difficult as it is for some others. I ultimately ""blame"" my wife for my reintroduction to running, she came to the sport several years before I peeled myself off the couch. It started with tagging along on some of her training runs, then entering local 5k races, and eventually the transformation from ""I wouldn't run a marathon if you had a gun to my head"" to setting my sights on completing the World Marathon Majors. Most recently I have rediscovered the love of trails and being in the natural environment. Although I still take part in and enjoy the local races and am still working towards completing the majors, my personal running focus has shifted to the ultra-distances on trails.

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