Coach Robert Moore

As a run coach, I would develop a personalized training plan made specifically for you. The process would start with an in depth questionnaire and interview to address your running history, current training and physical load, running injuries, and running and fitness goals. With this information, I would develop a training plan specifically for you focused on your goals. I will be offering two options to begin with, a monthly coaching service and a one time consultation. With the monthly coaching service, you will receive a monthly training plan. I will contact you once or twice a week to see how the workouts are going and will make adjustments as needed. I will be available throughout the training cycle to assist and answer questions. At the beginning of each month, you will receive a new plan based on the progress made in the previous month. The one time consultation will include the in depth interview and a training plan designed specifically for you. Rather than receiving this plan month by month, you will receive the plan in its entirety after the interview. This option will not include the weekly checkups and continued coaching. One-on-one coaching will primarily be conducted over the phone, through video chat, and through email. In the future, I hope to offer group runs and in-person trainings throughout the week.

Coaching Services

  • Online coaching services
  • In-person coaching services
  • Group coaching services
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