Coach Samantha Bennett

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RRCA Certified Coach Sammie Bennett is a Grand Rapids, Michigan, running community leader and certified running coach with a passion for giving back. As an experienced athlete who has conquered 80+ races, including two ultra-marathons and three Kilimanjaro summits, Sammie offers a unique perspective and an abundance of passion. As a certified running coach specializing in women's health, LGBTQ+, and female activism, Sammie aims to guide runners by meeting them where they are as athletes and humans with many other identities. Additionally, Sammie is a community leader acting as co-captain of Lyon Street Run Club and founder of Trail Sisters Grand Rapids. Sammie is a friend of Gazelle Sports, a HOKA flyer, and a community leader for Mountains and Marathons, a Global Leadership program. Through her passion, Sammie aims to create a more inclusive and welcoming community for all runners.

Coaching Services

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