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Sarah Cherington // A.S., B.S., M.S., Level I RRCA Certified Run Coach Sarah started running (very slowly!) after age 30 and quickly fell in love with the sport and the science behind training. She has since completed 15 marathons (PR 3:08), 10 Half Marathons (PR 1:27), a 50K, and a 50 miler. In the past year, she has run the Chevron Houston Marathon as a Local Elite masters athlete and her 8th Boston Marathon. She is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and Exercise Physiologist and also holds an M.S. in Psychology. Sarah passionately believes in coaching runners of all abilities and experience to meet goals safely and wisely by sharing her knowledge of physiology and psychology, as well as her experience in the sport. Sarah is also committed to supporting the wider community through running and serves as the Community Service Chair for her running club, the Houston Harriers, and team coach for A2ndCup- a Houston Chevron Run for a Reason official charity partner. A Boston native, she relocated to Houston in 2017 with her husband and two daughters. As a coach and athlete, Sarah understands that not everyone comes from a collegiate running experience (she didn't!) and that training and racing can be intimidating and confusing at first. She loves to help new runners learn the lingo and become comfortable running. She also understands life/running balance and will work with you to set realistic goals that fit your lifestyle. You do not need to be chasing fast times to enjoy all that running has to offer- health, community and a sense of personal achievement. However, approaching running without sound science and a game plan will often result in injury, burnout, and eventually quitting the sport. Sarah has the personal experience and education to help you approach running in a responsible and sustainable way. If you are a more experienced runner who has found you have plateaued and are not improving, she can help you by analyzing your training and providing evidence- based coaching. She does not subscribe to one training camp but draws from coaches Lydiard, the Hansons, Daniels and Rosario to write training plans that match your strengths and address weaknesses.

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