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It is our pleasure and honor to help you reach your fitness goals, whether it's your first 5k or 10k, a half or full marathon, or even an ultra-marathon. Perhaps you have your eye on a Spartan Race. We can help you train and be prepared! Total Running & Athletic Conditioning offers several different training plans with unparalleled communication. All of our Training Plans are pre-written basic plans to start. We do this to have a plan suited for all running abilities and have the ability to easily customize it specifically to you. Each plan comes with a Zoom/Skype/FaceTime consultation (up to 30 min). Most programs allow for changes to your training plan as needed. All plans are custom designed specifically for you and your individual goals. Training plans are designed to be virtual so we can assist athletes in reaching their fitness goals anywhere (United States, Canada, Mexico), anytime. The Total Running & Athletic Conditioning team is based in Michigan. For anyone interested in, in-person coaching please contact us. At Total Running & Athletic Conditioning, we are big believers in the benefits of strength training and cross-training to create healthy, well-rounded athletes.

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